Cadillac Winter Tires in Toronto

In preparation for winter, it’s important that you have a reliable tire plan. With City Cadillac’s help and the trusted tire brands available at our dealership, we can ensure your car is ready to face any snow or ice on the road with ease. Contact us about buying and installing new tires today.

Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to give you the best traction in harsh winter weather. They’re made with special rubber compounds that keep them flexible when frozen, allowing drivers better control on slippery roads. Winter tires will provide safer acceleration and reduce braking distances because they have thin cuts across the surface, called sipes, which disperse snow and help increase tire grip on snow-covered roads.

How to use the tire finder tool?

Shopping for new tires doesn’t have to be time consuming. Our Tire Finder Tool makes it easy to find the best winter tires for your Cadillac. When you enter the Year, Make & Model you will get recommendations for Good, Better & Best tire options instantly.

When to change to Winter Tires?

Before it gets too cold and snowy outside, be sure to change your tires for the winter season. You can follow the 7-for-7 Rule that advises switching to winter tires when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius for 7 days in a row.

How does the winter tire insurance discount work?

Ontario Law is requiring all car insurance companies in Ontario to offer discounts for winter tire use starting January 1st, 2016. The amount varies depending on which provider you have and whether it’s a standalone policy or part of comprehensive coverage but 3-5% off should be available so contact them if unsure.

Should I have a separate set of rims for my winter tires?

You may think that buying two sets of rims, one for winter tires and the other for all-season tires, will be more expensive. However, in the long run, you will save time and money and the rims will last longer. If you only own one set of rims, they will need to be removed and swapped every time you change your tires. This comes at a cost and can lead to damage and rust from exposure to snow, ice and salt during the winter months.

How can I find out the right tire size for my car?

You can find the right tire size for your vehicle by using our Tire Finder Tool. Once you enter your year, make and model, recommendations for tire options will pop up.

Another way to find the tire size code you need, can be found here:

  • The inside of the driver’s door — look for a sticker that lists the tire size

  • Your owner’s manual — check the index or appropriate chapter

  • The sidewall of your current tires — this may be difficult if your tires are old and worn

An example would be: 195/65R/15. This is a common tire size for a sedan.

  • 195 = width (in millimeters) of the tires you need, measured from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall

  • 65 = indicates the aspect ratio, or profile height, of the tire, (height of the tire divided from the rim by the width). In this instance, 65R means the tire’s height is 65% of the width

  • 15 = diameter measured in inches for the rim that the tire can be mounted on

If you still have questions about how to find the right tire size for your car, don’t hesitate to call or visit us for help!